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Sleepy bear...

Last night I had horrible insomnia.  I swear I was sleeping through half of my morning class.  I had a vague idea of where I should be directing my attention, but I couldn't really tell you any details of what we learned about... something about ethics.  This is bad.  For working in schools, ethics is supposed to be the most important thing to understand, and I was practically sleeping through class.  All I can really remember is that at the end of the session, we watched a video about a school in Kansas that shaved a kid's head.  We decided that wasn't ethical.

However, this was just the beginning of my daily activities.  Following class, was work.  Today I was half asleep through most of my office hours.  I keep a blanket at work because my office is out of the way, and I don't get any control of the temperature.  So I was curled up in my blanket for a while working on the computer (ironically learning about ethics again), when suddenly I woke up.  I don't remember falling asleep.  I just very distinctly remember waking up.  The sad part about this story is the fact that no one would notice my decreased productivity level because my job is far from necessary.  Quite honestly, I'm not sure if they'll replace me or just discontinue my position after I graduate.

Upon realizing the uselessness of continuing at work, I went home to get an hour nap before working with my client at The Autism Place.  The nap turned out to be 3 hours.

Long story short... I NEED to get my sleep schedule normalized.  Right now, the workload isn't overly demanding, so I need to get on top of this shit.  It can't be healthy to be as tired as I was today all the time.

This being said... good night.  Please let me know if you have any good remedies for insomnia!

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