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I can't remember what exactly triggered this interest of mine, however, I have been searching the internet for the past hour looking up yodeling videos and seeking information about it.  Apparently there was a crazy good yodeling girl on America's Got Talent either this year or last year or some other year.  And I've also been seeking information on "classic" yodeling masters.  I don't yet have an ear for them, but it's definitely interesting.

So, what have I learned from this endeavor?

First, I learned that everyone has a unique form of yodeling and yodeling voice.

Second I learned it originated as a form of communication in the Swiss Alps.  The unique sound was likely helpful in identifying who was sending the yodel.  Otherwise, I'm sure the people of the Alps would have gotten a lot of spam yodeling.

Third, there are many different forms of yodeling, the most common are Swiss yodeling and Country-Western yodeling.  Yes, there is American yodeling.  You don't need to be Swiss or Canadian, you can do it and be as American as apple pie.

Fourth, yodeling involves using primarily vowels and shifting from your chest voice to your head voice.  The primary trick to yodeling is learning how to break your voice between the two... which is basically shifting by about an octave.  This is a skill I have shown in attempting to sing numerous male songs throughout the years without even realizing it was a talent!

Long story short, my latest dream is to be a professional yodeler when I grow up.  I dream of going to the Swiss Alps and screaming my joyful song into the mountains and rejoicing in the echoes as they bounce back towards me.  Perhaps, off somewhere in the distance, There will be a young Swiss yodeling woman who responds, and we will become the best of friends.


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Jun. 11th, 2010 04:23 am (UTC)
"There will be a young Swiss yodeling woman who responds, and we will become the best of friends."

...Leeeeeesbian friends? ^_^
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