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lostontherun's Journal

18 August 1987
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The best description anyone has ever given to me is "optimistically pessimistic." I have some views which can be seen as negative, but I have a sarcastic (and occasionally dark) sense of humor which I often use to make the negative seem more positive. On the whole, I'm usually happy and fun-loving, but when I'm stressed out, you'll know it. Even though I have a busy schedule this year, I've been trying to plan some time to get out with friends for a day/evening/hour whenever I can.

I love meeting new people...in certain circumstances. I can be shy around different people, pending on my mood at the time. On the whole, I am a little reserved, but I'll always speak my mind, and given time I become more social.

Also, whether it be in my bathroom, a club, or an actual lesson, I always love to dance. Although, I think I look a bit like a seductive jelly fish when I do. Sometimes in public I'll be shy with my dancing at first, but I usually come around.

Although I do like to get out, I can be a bit of a homebody. I have two dogs (Sparky and Daisy), a fish (Bob), and a turtle (Squirt). They often make the best company.

I guess all in all, I'm just your typical college senior. Caught somewhere between who I was and who I am becoming. Reminiscent of my high school and college years, excited and nervous about what's to come, and just enjoying the time in between.