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Lazy Bones

Good afternoon!

I have decided to try to get back into blogging as a means of increasing my general motivation.  I have a terrible case of Graduate School.  I would come up with some cutesy name for it, but in reality, I have no disease.  I just have a never ending case of graduate school.  Right now, it's 1:36 on a Sunday afternoon.  I have a lot of homework to do.  I have laundry which is half done.  I have a dirty apartment in dire need of a good vacuuming.  I haven't worked out in months.  And all I want to do is watch T.V.

I was going to attempt to make some extra money through textbroker, but I don't have the motivation to bullshit an article.  This is the worst burn out I've ever experienced.  At work, I barely do a thing.  I hope clients get cancelled whenever I have them.  I have stopped using basic functions like spell check.  Quite honestly, if I had been acting like this from the beginning of the school year, I'm rather confident I would have been kicked out.

So, I'm here to get back into the habit of writing on a regular basis.  I hope that eventually, this will help me get back into the grove of possibly writing textbroker articles over summer break.  Speaking of which... 33 days left of graduate school!!!


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