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Falling in love and out of shape...

I've always heard that after a lovely young girl meets the man of her dreams, she lets herself go.  I never thought I would be in the ranks of these women.  When I met the man of my dreams, I was training for a marathon, cooking homemade meals at home nearly every night, and even riding my bike to school whenever the weather allowed.  Now, only a year later, I don't run, I don't cook, and I'm about 7 pounds heavier than the weight I had been able to manage since high school (Yeah, I know this isn't THAT much... but it's the start of a bad trend).

I think last week I had one of those shocking moments.  My car's crank shaft position sensor was broken... which means it randomly died when I drove it.  So, I decided to ride my bike to school one day.  I used to be able to ride 20-30 miles on my bike.  This 2.5 mile ride left me gasping for air at the end.  I guess I just didn't think this would happen to me... at least not less than a year after my most recent marathon!

Needless today, I'm slightly upset by the situation.  So, I've decided I need to come up with a plan to get in, and stay in shape over the winter.  So I have been looking into obtaining some piece of indoor exercise equipment.  I'm not going to lie, my first thought was the AbCircle... which was closely followed by the Shake Weight.  However, I have been more realistically considering an elliptical, an exercise bike, or a cycling trainer for my bike.  So I started my search with the elliptical machines.  I quickly found out that any elliptical in my price range makes the sound of creaky death as soon as it begins to move.  SO someday, I'd love to get a high quality elliptical, but until then, I don't wanna waste my money on a piece of shit.  I briefly considered exercise bikes before realizing a cycling trainer would be a more efficient use of time and money.  So I started looking into them.  My search brought me to an interesting option... a cycling roller.  My non-cycling friends may be questioning, what is this?  Basically, you put a bike on some rollers and try to pedal without falling.  There are no attachments or anything... you just try to balance it up there.  It allows me to wear a helmet indoors, improve my balance, and fall a lot.

Well, hopefully this will only ultimately involve the second option.

Anyway, peace out homeboys and girls.


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Sep. 27th, 2010 07:40 pm (UTC)
Oh a cycling roller sounds fun! I'll have to come try it out (however, more than a helmet will be necessary for me. I'm thinking knee, elbow and shoulder pads ^_^)
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