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Yesterday, I woke up next to the man I love.  However, he had a meeting or something, so he had to leave momentarily. 

So then I organized all of my finances.  I looked up old credit card bills, entered them into an excel file, and now I can proudly tell you how much money I have spent on gas, groceries, clothing, or anything else for any individual month or a total for the year.  It made me a little sad to see just how much money I have really spent this year.  Granted it includes my trip to Chicago for NASP, my groceries, and other life essentials.  But I was wanting to do this since my savings account started decreasing.  I know it was expected that in graduate school, I'd ultimately lose some money.  I also know that financially, I'm probably ahead of many of my peers.  However, it makes me sad to see the dip in my fundage.

This prompted me to finally sell my old textbooks on at half.com.  Of course, I saved the best resources which I think I may consult in the future.  Ideally I would like to keep all of my books until grad school is done in case any of them have some value in my education.  However, if I wait another year, there may be new editions of my books, and their value my drop.  So I set up the account, and listed my 9 nominated textbooks for sale.  Before a single sale could be made, my account was suspended due to suspicious activity.  This was quite frustrating.  They asked me to send in all sorts of personal information via fax... who has a fax machine now a days?  I was very upset about this this morning, but my cousin Mary messaged me on Facebook saying she works for Ebay and might be able to help.  So hopefully, it will be up and running again tomorrow, so some poor helpless graduate students can get these books and suffer as I have.

Beyond my financial going-on's, I looked up a new cake recipe and a new frosting recipe.  I went to the grocery store for supplies, did some basic division to make each recipe 1/4 its size, and made some sample cupcakes.  I think I made cake which is better than  It made me start to want to write a diary.  Then I realized, livejournal is like my diary.  I can use this to go back through my life to remember the events which were woven into my existence.  Eventually I can look back and try to determine when I was bitten and why I thirst for human blood.  Err.. wait... maybe not.  Anyway, good day to you all!

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